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The Property Zone Gibraltar is a well established Gibraltar estate agent with over 20 years experience in the international and Gibraltar property market. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a stress-free way to rent, buy or sell. We share our vast knowledge and expertise with our clients to smooth the way in what can be a complex transaction.

At Property Zone, we are at the forefront of technology and with the click of a mouse, house buying and selling has never been so easy! This more efficient process allows house hunters to search at their leisure for the house of their dreams from the comfort of their sofa.

We are constantly seeking new ways to meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of the real estate market. Our flexible approach combined with in-depth property knowledge allows us to provide a unique service to our clients and we create tailor-made portfolios to meet our client's individual needs.

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Our Recommendations

Interest rates are currently at an all-time low; now is a great time to buy a property! Many prices along the Costa del Sol and surrounding areas have been discounted by as much as 40%. If you are looking for a bargain, now is the time...

Why Spain?

Spain has long been a favourite with Northern Europeans and many still flock to all parts of Spain for their 'escape to the sun' at least once a year if not more! Over the last three decades, hundreds of thousands of British and other Europe- based individuals have bought property there and will continue to do so for all the right reasons.

However, all is not lost; the publicising of these events and the attempts by local government to clean up their acts have all resulted in a much better outlook for the purchase of property in Spain. This is where we can come in, to guide you through unfamiliar territory to the home of your dreams, be it a small apartment or a palatial front-line beach or golf villa.

Property Zone will help you find the answer!


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